Investment rental real estate is encourages by the State by means of tax exemptions (PERISSOL, DE ROBIEN, BORLOO, BESSON, DUFLOT, PINEL, etc.) and favourable tax mechanisms (the LMNP [Non-Professional Renter of Furnished Rentals] LMP [professional furnished rentals], and the CENSI BOUVARD mechanisms, tourism residences, retirement residences, student residences, etc.).


But these investments are not without risk and numerous difficulties may arise at various stages in these operations.


Our firm has become an important player in this domain: we take action in advance in order to prevent the difficulties generated by these types of investments, but we also propose “crisis exit” solutions for the investors we defend.


This is indeed the principal added value of our work, which takes addresses all of the client's interests and accompanies the client from start to finish, with two objectives: maximising the client's indemnification and preserving the client's investment.


Examples of issues addressed recently by the Firm :


  • Rent disputes (unpaid rents, rent renewals, etc.),

  • Negotiation of lease renewals

  • Searching for a new operator or a “reconversion” solution for establishments,

  • Handling of construction issues,

  • Handling of co-ownership problems,

  • Assistance in the context of procedures for court-ordered reorganisation/liquidation of the operator, negotiations with candidates to take over operations,

  • Procedures for compensation of harm suffered by the co-owners as a result of actions by various participants in the operation (promoters-sellers/ estate management advisors/ notaries/ operators, etc.).