Financial Investments

Today, the financial investments being offered to private investors are becoming more and more numerous.


While managed real estate remains the largest portion of these investments, a multitude of other, more or less complex, structures promise investors strong profitability (between 5% and 8% and sometimes more).


But these structures may turn out to be misguided from the very beginning and rely, for example, on fraudulent schemes (Ponzi pyramids, kiting, etc.): high returns necessarily involve a dose of high risk. And it is not rare that the “workings of the machine get stuck,” thus compromising the entire financial operation.


Investors are then often left on their own, poorly informed and isolated.


Thanks to its knowledge of the business world and investments, as well as its ability to manage crisis situations, Goethe Avocats is able to intervene effectively and rapidly in order to limit the damage and to “save” the investment made by its clients.