Tax and Estate Engineering

Because of its multi-disciplinary nature, the Firm is able to handle any estate issues. It may thus propose the implementation of a large spectrum of solutions for its clients. 


We are specialised in high value-added estate engineering and, in addition to his capacity as an attorney, Philip PECHAYRE is a Certified Advisor in Financial Planning (Conseil en Gestion de Patrimoine Certifié) (ISO Standard 22222).


We first undertake an analysis of the situation and the objectives of our clients.


We prepare an assets and liabilities assessment in order to understand the expectations and the needs of our clients. This allows us to prepare an estate management action plan for our clients that cover all of the aspects of their estate situation: real estate, taxation, life insurance, inheritance planning, and to propose the allocation of assets that are best adapted to achieving the objectives of their estate management.


The recommendations of the attorney and Advisor in Estate Engineering relate to estate engineering and investment strategy.


Our Firm’s skills in estate engineering cover, in particular, the following areas :

  • Tax optimisation,

  • Estate transmission,

  • Development of financial assets,

  • Development of real estate assets,

  • Implementing retirement solutions,

  • Optimising the remuneration of directors,

  • Establishing Fiduciaries (Trustees),

  • Preparation of a request for a ruling with the tax administration in certain cases, etc.