Real Estate Law

We advise and represent a varied clientele composed of legal entities and private individuals in the principal areas of real estate law, particularly with regard to leasing law (commercial, professional, residential leases), co-ownership law and construction law.






Examples of issues addressed recently by the Firm :


In commercial lease matters :


  • Drafting and renegotiation of leases,

  • Disputes before the rents tribunal,

  • Assistance in managing the performance of the lease (orders to pay, summons to comply with the clauses of the lease, expert proceedings, works, etc.), assistance in managing the end of the lease or its renewal (notice of dismissal, termination, negotiations or litigation for eviction compensation, etc.),

  • Disputes connected with the legal regime of agreements for insecure tenancies or agreements for third party management (application of the regime, failure to perform the agreement, etc.).


In matters of residential leases and occupation without right or title (squatting) :


  • Advice in rental management (drafting of leases, notice of dismissal, formal notifications, summons, etc.),

  • Rental disputes: actions to recover rents / charges/the amount of rental repairs, lease terminations for unpaid rents (or charges) and/or lack of insurance, petitions for court findings, validation of dismissals and terminations of leases for neighbourhood disturbances, failures to comply with the clauses of the lease, etc.

  • Disputes connected with occupations without right or title (squatting),

  • Disputes before the enforcement judge,


In matters of co-ownership :


  • Negotiation and advice with regard to the drafting, modification and updating of the co-ownership regulations, ASL (Homeowners’ Associations), and AFUL (Free Urban Land Associations),

  • Preparation for the general meetings of co-owners (drafting of resolutions, selection of the property management company, etc.),

  • Implementation of extra-statutory agreements between the co-owners, and between the operator and the co-owners,

  • Co-ownership disputes (appointment of provisional administrators, disputes concerning the distribution of charges and cost of works, recovery of co-ownership charges, disputes concerning the distribution of the common areas and the private areas, disputes between the co-owner and the operator, the public collectives and the ASL (Homeowners’ Association).


In matters of construction law :


  • Appointment of court experts and monitoring of expert proceedings,

  • Negotiations with a view to activating guarantees,

  • Summons to open expert proceedings, etc.