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Pourquoi « Goethe » Avocats ?

Why “Goethe Avocats”?

“I love people who dream of the impossible,” wrote the German author.


We live, work and practice our profession each day by trying to expand our limits, change opinions and resolve situations.


We believe in the spirit of revolution, creativity, pragmatism, and ingenuity.


In sum, we constantly dream of the impossible and we do everything in order to achieve it. 

What does our logo mean?

Our logo is an original creation by the Italian designer Caterina Piccenna.

It refers to a leaf of the Ginkgo Biloba, a tree that originated in Asia, with remarkable characteristics of resistance, longevity, tenacity and vitality that inspire our daily work.

This tree, which may live more than 2,000 years, even resisted the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945


What do we do?

Our scope of action is simultaneously targeted and vast in the area of business law, since we master all of the subjects that are essential for defending the interests of our client investors.


The firm is today a principal player in the collective defence of investors. It couples this with effectiveness, pragmatism and absolute respect for the client.


Who are our clients?


Our clientele consists of private investors. There are nearly 6,000 investors currently using our services.




5 Rue Berryer, 75008 Paris


Tél :  +33(0) 1 82 28 52 52

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